Computer Repair Services

computer geeks working

Tired of working at a slow computer? Wondering why your computer isn’t working as well as when you first bought it? Stop wasting time trying to work through those technical difficulties and call the Homuten Computer Geeks today.
We provide services for both home computers and business computers. Services provided include server installation, wireless network and firewall installation, data backup and recovery, virus, malware, and spyware removal, and computer program education. At Homuten Computer Geeks we promote educating our customers to know what is currently in need of repair and how to prevent any issues in the future.

Desktop repair:

Millions of Americans currently have desktop computers in their homes or businesses. Unfortunately, many people will place these computer towers under their desks, causing it to be out of sight, forgotten about, and therefore creating issues. Specific issues such as dust buildup inside an cause the harddrive, or other important components, to become faulty leading to a slow computer or system failures. Is your desktop not running properly or making abnormal sounds? It may be time to have one of our technicians investigate the issue and get your desktop working at its best.

Laptop repair:

Laptops allow individuals the benefit of work on the go and taking their business or school work with them while traveling. These benefits allow versatility, but can also increase the risk of viruses or damaging such expensive pieces of technology. Common laptop repairs include screen repair, issues with speed, temperature or debri, virus removal, and recovering access. While traveling or on the go daily, your laptop needs protection against viruses. We offer great services and provide details on how to keep your information secure and also your laptop from being affected.

Virus removal:

There are more than one kind of viruses and the longer your computer is used while having a virus, the worse the problem can get. From those annoying pop-ups or flashy ads to more technically damaging viruses, taking action early can save you money and time in the long run. Contact The Homuten Computer Geeks today before your computer experiences further damage and potential loss of files. Our technicians can help rid of any current viruses and can also load software specific to virus prevention.

Data recovery:

Data can contain files for business, personal, and financial purposes making it a crucial component of people’s lives. In the moment of panic when all files seem to have gone into cyberspace, our technicians are available to assist in recovering data. Even though some data can be recovered, we cannot stress enough how important it is to back up your computer, including all data, and files of any importance on a regular basis. Data loss can occur due to different issues such as viruses, user error, hard drive updates, damage to the computer, and more. The Homuten Computer Geeks can assist in determining the problem, recovering data if possible, and helping you take action to prevent future data loss.